Transeuro, your partner for Japanese patent translation!Transeuro, your partner for Japanese patent translation!

High-level translation provided  by in-house translatorsHigh-level translation provided  by in-house translators

Our expertise is for
German/English ⇔ Japanese translation. Here's why:

  • We've keenly honed our skills as in-house translators for a law and patent office with strong ties to the German-speaking countries.
  • We can complete your translation requests in-house, from start to end.
  • Our translators are German, English or Japanese native speakers.
  • We can prepare high-quality translations in German, Japanese and English in a vast variety of technical fields, including engineering, electronics or chemistry.
  • We can prepare translations of official documents that are accepted at the Austrian embassy for certification.

Our Services

  • Patent Translation

    Comprehensive patent translation, in particular for applications as well as responses to office actions

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  • Legal Translation

    High-quality translation of court decisions, contracts and other legal documents

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  • Technical Translation

    Translation of handbooks, manuals and other technical documents

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  • Business Translation

    Translation of marketing documents, website articles, internal documents and accounting documents

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  • Medical Translation

    Medical translations/ Translations of documents related to medical devices

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Feel free to contact us by phone or via our contact form if you are interested in other kinds of translation.


Company Profile

Founding Date October 20, 2015
Company Name transeuro, inc.
Head Office Hanabusa Bldg. 1F, 16 Kanda-Kitanorimono-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0036, Japan


Telephone +81(0)3-3525-8646
Main Business Activity Translation and all related services
Board of directors Chairman & CEO Yuki Kato
President Yuichi Inokuchi
Director Makoto Ohsugi
Auditor Atsushi Yamashita
Number of employees 45
Capital 15.000.000 Yen
Main Banks Mizuho Bank
Johnan Shinkin Bank
Memberships Japanese-German Society Tokyo
Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association
German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
Japan Translation Federation


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