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We are a human translation company
that you will remember!

transeuro, inc. is a translation company that was born by the separation of the translation department of a Patent and Law Office with mainly German clients, that was founded in the Meiji Era. Our translators have been passing on their remarkable translation skills for over 100 years. We handle translation mainly in-house. At the moment we have more than 40 regularly employed translators. We specialize in German-Japanese and English-Japanese translation which is quite rare for a Japanese translation company. Our focus is on human translation. With our skills that have been passed on for generations we can offer high-quality translations you will hardly find elsewhere.

Our translators have been working mainly on German patent applications while working at the Patent and Law office and have thereby achieved skills close to patent engineers. Therefore we can handle all kinds of translations that come up during the application process from patent specifications to office actions with ease. As our translators are also experienced in the legal sector we can offer translations of documents such as e.g. contracts, court decisions, and testaments. Our translators also have wealthy experience with technical translations like manuals and handbooks and specialist translations such as textbooks or academic documents. It is also possible to certify our translations by notary public.

As our translators are regular employees we can offer them internal seminars and incentives for passing language proficiency examinations like the “German diploma in Japan” (Dokken), “English diploma in Japan” (Eiken) or the NIPTA examination for patent translators to increase their motivation and skills.
transeuro, inc. is aiming towards a new direction as a translation company. No other translation company puts so much emphasis on the German language and has so many translators from diverse technical backgrounds.

Furthermore, we founded a language school called “Transeuro Academy” in 2018, where we offer courses for German patent translation and work on spreading our knowledge. Our CEO and other veteran translators function as teachers and pass on their know-how about patent translation. In 2019 we will also start with a course on German interpretation. We aim to become a school for translation and interpretation where you can learn German that you can use in a professional context. Additionally, we plan to start offering interpretation services for German in 2019. We would like to provide value to our clients with human translation and human interpretation.

We would be glad to assist you with our human translation and interpretation services.

CEO Yuki Kato

Yuki Kato has more than 30 years' experience in patent translation. His special field is in engineering, and in particular automotive engineering. He has been engaged in technical translations since the era of the centrifugal governors, and has always kept up with the state of the art technology. Since 2013, Yuki has been giving a series of lecture courses called “Translation of German Patent Documents” at the Japanese-German society in Tokyo. Since January 2016 Yuki has been serving as the CEO of transeuro inc. His vision is to aim for a cutting edge "rocking!" translation company that focuses on human translation in contrast to machine or AI translations. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association (NIPTA).

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