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The three Purposes of Patent Translation

When it comes to translating patents usually there are three reasons why a translation is needed. One is for filing in a foreign country, the second one is when a translation of a patent is required for evidence in court proceedings and the third one is when you need to know the contents of a foreign patent in order to do research before filing or to prepare a response to a notice of refusal.

1. Patent Translation for Filing

 When filing a patent in a foreign country usually you will have to submit a translation into the official language of the country, but there are exceptions like e.g., India where you can file applications in English. When filing in Japan, you always have to submit a Japanese translation of the patent application if the application is not in Japanese. For more information about the filing process in Japan you can refer to this article.

When filing in Germany depending on the route you chose for filing and the language of your application a translation might not be required. For more details about filing in Germany, you can refer to this article. When we translate an application for filing, we always translate according to the requirements of the respective patent office so that further formatting of the translation is not required.

2.Patent Translation as Evidence in Patent Trial and Court Proceedings

During patent trial and court proceedings often patent documents are submitted as evidence. For more information about trial proceedings in Japan, you can refer to this article.

If the patent documents are not in the language of the country where the proceedings are done usually a translation is required. When it comes to trial and court proceedings the quality of the translation is of the utmost importance. We have experience with translation for such proceedings and can provide the quality level that is required. Also, when necessary, we can provide an affidavit of the translator or get the translation certified by a notary public.

3. Patent Translation for Research or Responding to Notices of Refusal

When researching prior art before filing a patent and when responding to an office action sometimes a translation of a foreign patent is required. In this case, translation quality might not be as important depending on how much detail you need to know. Therefore, there are cases where a machine translation can be sufficient. However, machine translation is not 100% correct and might give you the wrong impression. To be on the safe side a human translation is still recommended. For informational purposes, we can also provide partial translations of patent applications. Additionally, we can also offer a rough translation that did not undergo our usual double-check procedure for a reduced rate.

If you require a patent translation, feel free to contact us anytime via our contact form. If you let us know for which purpose the translation is required, we can process your inquiry smoothly. For more information on what is special about patent translation in comparison to translation of other documents and general information about patent translation you can refer to this article. 

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