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7 tips for ordering a translation

How do you order a translation? In general, it is pretty easy. You provide the original, name the target language and send your order to a translator or a translation company. But by providing additional details with your order you can help us to provide not only high-quality translation but translations of the best possible quality.

Here are some things to have in mind when ordering a translation to help our translators and coordinators work more efficiently so you will get exactly the translation you want quickly.

1. Double check your original text

If you can edit the text to be translated before sending it to us you should check it for errors. The quality of the translation can only be as good as the original, so an error-free text will get you the best results. You might be surprised how many errors in original documents our translators find every day.

Of course, if we find any errors in the text we will mark them for your further review, but not all errors are obvious. Also marking errors and trying to find out what the initial intention of the text was, takes time the translator could spend better on refining the translation.

2. Provide clear instructions

If you have any special instructions on how the text should be translated please let us know. We will then translate accordingly. Are there any parts that do not need translation? Do you need a special format? Should graphics and figures be translated? Is there special vocabulary we should use?

This way we can translate only what you really need in exactly in the way you need it. This reduces the chance that revision might be required and saves you money as no word that is unnecessary will be translated.

3. If you have reference documents, provide them

Our translators are experts in their respective technical fields and if they are presented with technologies they are not that familiar with they will research them thoroughly to get a perfect understanding and to find the correct translations of special terms.

However, if you happen to have any reference documents that are important for your project please provide them as well. It makes the research process easier and saves times

4. Let us know your requested delivery date

Do you need the translation until a certain date? If yes please tell us as soon as possible, so we can check for the availability of translators. The earlier you let us know the delivery date, the more time we have to find a translator that is a perfect fit for your project.

5. Provide documents in word format is possible

If possible provide the documents to be translated in word format or any other editable format. Of course, we can work with formats likes PDFs as well, but working with these is more time-consuming. When a text is received in an editable format the translator can start working right away and spend as much time as possible on the actual translation work.

6. Order a translation from the original if possible

Often times a text is translated into English first and then the English text is used for translation into other languages. Even though this can save cost, we would not recommend this method. The English translation might contain translation errors or phrases and words that are ambiguous. By translating a translation a loss of quality is almost inevitable. As long as your resources and budget allow it you should translate from the original.

We can help you with translation from and into English, Japanese, and German. If you have a need for other language pairs, we might be able to introduce colleagues to you, so feel free to contact us.

7. Provide feedback

Even though we work very hard on providing a perfect translation we are still humans. If there are any issues with a translation you received please do not hesitate to contact us and we will revise if necessary. Your feedback will help us to provide better translations for your next order. Of course, positive feedback is appreciated as well.

Did you find our tips helpful? Is there anything else you pay attention to when ordering a translation? Please let us know in the comments.

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