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About transeuro

About transeuro Part 1 – Seperation from Sonderhoff & Einsel

Hello, I am the CEO of transeuro, Yuki Kato, and this is the first article of our new blog. In this blog we will publish articles twice a month about special aspects of translation with respect to the language combination German/English to Japanese and Japanese to German/English, especially considering patent and legal translation.

For example, we will write about how to avoid office actions with high-quality patent translations, how to distinguish good patent translations and why human translation is better than machine translations.

In this first article, I would like to introduce the company transeuro briefly.

 Formation of transeuro

Since 2016 I am the CEO of transeuro. Previously I have been working in Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office as a patent translator for 30 years and am still working as patent translator up to this day.

Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office is a traditional law office that was formed by German attorneys in 1910. The office mainly deals with patent applications from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for filing in Japan and legal matters of German companies.

Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office had always had a translation department for translating patent specifications for new applications, office actions, and other patent documents. With about 50 translators all combinations of the languages English, German and Japanese were possible.

Translators have a similar relationship as the Jedi knights from Star Wars. There are teachers (masters) and students (padawans). Since the foundation 100 years ago know-how about translation has been passed on from masters to padawans.

In January 2016 the translation department became a separate company und transeuro was born. Thus I became the CEO.

It was harder than expected.

Compared with the time as translation department of the law and patent office, becoming an independent firm was harder than expected. We have to adapt in order to meet our clients ‘ requests and also put time and energy into translation checking and marketing.

On the other hand as an independent firm, we also have a lot more possibilities. We are happy that we are now able to serve more clients with our experience and feel a certain pride that we never felt as a simple translation department.

We would be glad to be of service and are looking forward to your comments and inquiries. In the next article, I will explain the characteristics of transeuro in more detail.

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