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How we at transeuro use Tools to improve Translation Quality and increase Speed

One of the USPs of transeuro is that we do not use machine translation and have real human translators do the job. However, a human translator can be supported by various digital tools, so that they can work more efficiently and accurately. The same can be said for the work that our project managers are doing. Here we introduce you to some of the tools we use.

1. CAT Tools for faster Translation with more Accuracy

CAT tools are software that can help support a translator. The software can check whether a translation is complete, and no parts are left out. You can upload glossaries that help you make sure that certain terms are translated according to the clients’ preferences and in the same way throughout the whole document. Also, if certain parts of the translation are repetitive the translator can reuse these and does not have to type everything again.

They also allow for a smooth workflow that automatically passes the translation from the translator to the reviewer and finally to our quality assurance department without a project manager having to send e-mails to the persons involved. If you would like to know more about CAT tools you can check this article where we talk about the difference between CAT tools and machine translation. 


2. Microsoft Power Apps to process your Orders more efficiently

We use Microsoft Power Apps to create applications to make our workflow more efficient. We created personalized tools to mostly automatize the workflow after we received a new order. The software automatically creates order sheets & delivery notes and can speed up the process of communication between the project managers and the translators.

It also provides a check sheet for each translation project that is used for the final check at the quality assurance department. The check sheet is customized for each project depending on the formal and legal requirements as well as on the specific requirements of the client.

Currently, we are working on further expanding our tools to improve the workflow even more.

3. Cloud Services to always have access to important Data

 We store all internal data on cloud servers so that our employees can access it from anywhere. With this method, we can access data more efficiently and for example, if there is a technical issue with a certain computer it is possible to access the data from a different computer. It also allows our employees to work from anywhere as long as they have internet access.

Of course, our IT department makes sure that data is backed up regularly and that only our employees have access, as well as that each employee only has access to the data, they need to make sure your data is safe.

We hope this article helped you to better understand our work process. We will keep working on improving it further to provide even better translations in a shorter amount of time. If you have any questions about our translation service, feel free to contact us.

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