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About transeuro

About transeuro, Part. 2 – 7 characteristics of transeuro

As mentioned in the previous article transeuro emerged from Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office. That is why transeuro is different from other translation companies in several aspects.

Below you will find 7 characteristics of transeuro.

7 characteristics of transeuro. 

1. Our special field is translation from English and German to Japanese and the other way round.
2. Most of our translators (about 40) are no freelancers but regular employees.
3. Most of our translators have work experience as patent translator in a patent firm and therefore know their field very well.
4. We employ specialists for several different technical fields. (engineering, electrical engineering, biochemistry, etc.)
5. While working in the patent firm we accumulated a lot of specialized knowledge about technical concepts that are typical for German applications.
6. By translating cited references and office actions we became experts in translation of patent documents from Japanese to German and English.
7. Besides the patent translation, we are also designated as official translators for the German and Austrian embassy.

Because of this characteristics the knowledge and abilities of our translators can be considered as very highly skilled. I myself have accumulated a lot of know-how and profound knowledge about translation of German patent documents during my career. In this blog, I would like to share this knowledge step by step.

We do not rely on freelancers! 

As we became independent as a translation firm, at first I was surprised, that a lot of translation companies rely on freelance translators. If you think about it from the business perspective it makes sense, but for translators that had been working in a patent firm for years and passed on their know-how over generations, it seems questionable.

Is it possible to pass on know-how in companies with freelancers only and can they build a relationship similar to the master-padawan relationship at our firm? Such questions made the concept questionable for me.

However, after a while I realized that our company is a special case. We are specialized in Japanese <-> German translation of patent documents and if we do not find a way to pass on our know-how, this company will just disappear at some point.

We want to continue passing on translation knowledge from generation to generation. That is our strength and unique selling point.

Our translators

Right now we have about 40 regular employed translators. You can divide them in German-Japanese and English-Japanese translators, but some are able to command three languages.

Some translators have more than 40 years of experience and thereby achieved a certain legend status in the company.You will not easily find another translation company in Japan that is specialized in German and English patent translation with a similar structure as our firm.

If you would like to know more or are interested in our services please do not hesitate to contact us or comment below.

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